5 Tips to Figure Out 

What REALLY Lights You Up...

So you can hit PLAY on your life


How to naturally turn inward so you can uncover what makes you feel most alive, and steer yourself toward making purpose-centered and confident decisions through life’s transitions.


In this Webinar, you'll learn


How your history offers essential clues 

to noticing what truly lights you up and what totally turns you off.


How to analyze your recharge time 

to offer you valuable self-awareness + insight.


How to recognize your inner wisdom

as a way to be true to yourself.


What your #1 superpower is 

when it comes to figuring out what gives your life the most meaning.


How to make sense of all the collected clues 

so you can hit play with making a life decision in real time.


Feeling alive in your life is a key ingredient to leading your most MEANINGFUL life.


Whether you’re in a crisis, living an enviable life, or somewhere in between, if you’re not convinced that you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing or leading your most meaningful life…this can be a turning point for you.


As humans, we can’t help but evolve; we only move forward. And whether we are career professionals, family CEOs or multi-passionates, at any point in our adult lives, the question becomes: Could I be feeling more alive in my life?


Join me to learn 5 valuable tips to identify what really lights you up so that you can make purpose-centered and confident decisions about what’s next for you. 

This webinar is a Must Attend if…


  • You’re a Career Professional with a stable situation, and yet, you crave a greater sense of purpose or more meaningful engagement in work or life.
  • You’re a Family CEO who enjoys your circumstances, and also feels called to engage in life in new ways (paid or unpaid).              
  • You’re a Multi-Passionate who is easily lit up and who also feels stuck in a pattern of indecision, and you want clarity for yourself.

A Personal Invitation From Lindsay…

I’ve been guiding people to explore their inner worlds and uncover what truly lights them up since I started teaching almost 20 years ago.

I have designed or facilitated over 300 personal growth programs, workshops + events, reaching thousands of participants, and I’ve discovered the specific ingredients and an effective process to help multi-passionate + motivated people who are stuck move forward with confidence. 

This brand new webinar is a culmination of EVERYTHING I’ve learned in engaging in intentional inner work to uncover what truly ignites one’s spirit.

If you’re committed to making this the year when you finally listen to your inner wisdom and take real, tangible steps to transforming your life, I can’t wait to help you hit play on your life ASAP.

Choose a time that works best for you by reserving your seat below.

See you there!