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Thoughtfully curated and carefully balanced, our programming + events are geared towards the entire female experience.


Connect with our tribe of curious, assured women who want to get stuff done and value connecting in meaningful ways.

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What is Everwell?

Everwell is about giving yourself permission. Permission to explore and think freely, permission to get stuff done (whatever that stuff is), and permission to intentionally connect with others without judgement or an agenda. We’re about celebrating our lives as multi-passionate women. Recognizing we wear many hats and play many roles, it’s time to prioritize ourselves too—taking time to think openly + leaving room to ask ‘what’s next?” We have BIG plans for Everwell. We’re starting a revolution that begins with redefining what ‘work’ looks like—whether it's a professional endeavor, passion play, personal venture, or family planning, guess what? It’s ALL work; it all matters; and it all has to get done. 

Meet the Founders

Abby Knott and Lindsay Hurty originally met in the early years of momhood. As active mothers, small business owners and dedicated volunteers in the community, their friendship grew and they discovered that they shared a vision. 

Abby dreamt of a space where women could collaborate, work and socialize, while Lindsay envisioned a community where women could seek knowledge and connect in meaningful ways.

Together, they folded their dreams into one and created Everwell.

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